Casper & Casper is a digital publication created to inspire and empower through easy feel-good wellness, lifestyle Ideas and interesting discoveries.

Founded by Maria in 2015, a busy Mum and property developer with an eclectic flair for interior  design and style, and a passion for wellbeing. Maria is always on the lookout for new ways to improve life, wether it’s a new design object or material for work or perhaps a new yoga/Pilates class, whatever it is, if it makes life better then it would be rude not to share!!

casper & casper  is her unique perspective on the people and topics that inspire her to live an empowered, fun and healthy life.
Clever, interesting people, discoveries that make you smile and stylish feelgood ideas is what fuels Casper & Casper!!

”  we can all design the life we want by simply being inspired by something or someone”

                 – Maria