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FEATHR x Lee Herring

Feature by Milla Maria
Founder and Editor in Chief at Casper & Casper

FEATHR x Lee Herring – merging two worlds

The very best art emerges when two seemingly disparate forces merge. In FEATHR x Lee Herring, it’s all about a traditional form of interior design combining with a modern form of art – wallpaper and graffiti art.

The interiors company and the graffiti artist

FEATHR is a Finnish-based interiors company who just love to collaborate. In fact, they’ve built their business on it, travelling the globe to seek out contemporary artists to help them create original wallpaper and fabrics. On one of these trips, they met with British graffiti and mixed media artist Lee Herring.

FEATHR x Lee Herring

FEATHR x Lee Herring

Bringing both worlds together

Drawn by Lee’s bold mix of colours and inventive use of texture, FEATHR fell in love with his vibrant and spontaneous works. They invited him to collaborate with them, with Lee remixing two of his original paintings to create two new murals, Glowing Shards and Neon Bunting.

Both of these original pieces were created using an interesting combination of materials (spray paint, marker pens and acrylic paints) and a fascinating juxtaposition of traditional and modern landscapes and patterns. Think bold geometric shapes floating atop a lush garden of wild flowers.

Translating these pieces into wallpaper murals and still managing to retain the energy and detail with which they were created, was an essential part of the process. And it’s one FEATHR pulled off brilliantly. Lee couldn’t be more pleased with the accuracy of detail achieved in the wallpaper reproductions and says he enjoys seeing his ‘artworks break out of the frame and work across the whole wall’.

To find out more about this innovative collab, visit the FEATHR website.

FEATHR x Lee Herring

Feature Milla Maria @millamaria8
Edited Renee Lunder @misnomer_12
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Mateus meets Sam Baron meets Yatzer

During Maison & Objet the leading Swedish design company Mateus is launching a new collection of ceramics. The collection, called “Mateus meets Sam Baron meets Yatzer” is a collaboration with award-winning French designer Sam Baron and Costas Voyatzis, founder of the Yatzer design portal. A tribute to the company’s origins, the collection stands out in its clean lines and stylistically pure design language. The collection is also characterized by a subtle color palette and – as with all Mateus ceramics – every piece is handmade and hand-painted. The collection comprises plates, a bowl, a jug and a cup in different sizes and colors.





Sam Baron and Costas Voyatzis


Press Release by Maison & Objet
Feature by Milla Maria
Casper & Casper 11.9.2018


Our top gift ideas for DAD

A Casper selection of our favourite products and brands for the super cool guys we call Dad!

Handsome Mens Skincare

A range of quality products made with natural and organic ingredients that are effective for male skin, enjoyable to use and look stylish in their presentation – making Dad feel really Handsome.


Hunter Lab

Hunter Lab invites you to personalise your gift with a special message and photo for Dad this Father’s Day. Their range includes effortless daily skincare routine utilising these highly effective and addictive super natural skincare tools


Glenfiddich 18-Year-old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A specially crafted 18 year old whisky from Glenfiddich. Smooth, rich and sweet with a hint of spice. Nice length at end. Finishes with a buttery, slight bourbon note.

Denver and Liely Glass

Denver and Liely are best pals and invite you to share the beauty that is their Whisky glass. Their love for high quality, highly functional design outcomes in the relentless pursuit of functional perfection leaves your Dad to enjoy the benefits!


M&U Crossover Cuff Brass

Hexagonal crossover cuff, cast, tumbled, and finished by hand in Brooklyn. Slightly malleable to allow for different wrist sizes.


Comme des Garcons – Floriental

A mysterious and intense, making for a scent that truly allures – a perfect gift choice.


Images by @casper__studio
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Feature by Milla Maria
Founder and Editor in Chief at Casper & Casper

Kentaro Yamazaki – community, cohesion & creativity

I have an immense appreciation for Japanese architecture. In fact, when in need of some design inspiration, I find myself repeatedly referring back to the likes of Tadao Ando and Kengo Kuma (both highly influential Japanese architects of our time). I am particularly drawn to their minimalistic design approach, and their intelligent use of natural materials like stone, oak and concrete to produce buildings that seamlessly integrate into their urban surroundings.

So it’s logical then that I am very excited about an emerging young Japanese architect by the name of Kentaro Yamazaki. He is currently making a tremendous impact in the design world. With each new project, he profoundly re-shapes the future of architectural space.

Kentaro’s background

Kentaro Yamazaki is a young, progressive and highly-awarded architect. After spending a number of years at Irie Miyake Architects, he branched out on his own in 2008 and established YKDW (Yamazaki Kentaro Design Workshop).

Since then, Kentaro has been a trailblazer in the industry thanks to his unique design approach based on not just the designs themselves, but a philosophy that incorporates the local community and builds social awareness.

Each building is consciously considered; from how people will use the space to interact, to how it will cultivate and strengthen the human relationships within them. Kentaro feels it is also imperative to involve community members during the construction phase. One of his projects – a restaurant in Okinawa – perfectly illustrates this.


A project with the community at its core

Kentaro discovered the importance of community-driven, sustainable design after Japan’s Tohoku earthquake in 2011. It quickly became an integral part of his design and build process, and this is nowhere more evident than the construction of the Itoman Gyomin Shokudo, a seafood restaurant in Okinawa.

The restaurant was designed primarily with locals in mind. Kentaro wanted to utilise traditional Japanese masonry techniques in the build, so he held a workshop for local workers where they learnt the unique stacking method. They then put their skills to use by creating a Ryukyu limestone structure for the restaurant’s inner walls and outer façade.

There was an added benefit of employing this design methodology – it enabled workers to feel a sense of ownership and attachment to the building; exactly the outcome Kentaro was hoping for.

Exciting things on the horizon

I am also excited to learn that YKDW is currently working on a project specifically designed to foster interaction between multiple generations. It will be a care facility filled with common spaces to cater for both elderly residents and young children.

As for future projects, I can’t wait to see what else Kentaro will come up with. No matter what it is, it will undoubtedly create greater cohesiveness in the way we utilise buildings and spaces. But more importantly, it will also consider the needs of local communities and the environment in the most sustainable fashion possible.




Discover more

Feature by  @millamaria8
Edited by Renee Lunder @misnomer_12
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Feature by Milla Maria
Founder and Editor in Chief at Casper & Casper

Melbourne Fashion Week 2018

Melbourne Fashion Week 2018 is back from the 31st August to 7th September, over 150 events, 300 designers and 10 runways celebrating Melbourne’s world-renowned fashion.
Get your tickets for a week of fabulous runways shows and events.

This year MFW will be going carbon neutral reducing emissions and investing in projects that further offset emissions from the atmosphere. Walk, ride or use public transport, download your tickets rather than printing them and be sure to recycle.

Milla’s top 10 designers 2018 MFW go-to designers.

1. @melbfashionweekMELBOURNE-FASHION-WEEK-18

2. @aclerwomanACLERWOMAN

3. @corepretCOREPRET

4. @rkm_fashionRKMFASHION

5. @dionleeDIONLEE

6. @biancaspenderBIANCASPENDER

7. @akiraisogawaAKIRAISOGAWA

8. @blairarchibaldBLAIRARCHIBALD

9. @chrisranlinCHRISRANLIN

10. @zambesisince79ZAMBESI

Follow us on our socials @casperandcasper for Nyanials story updates during MFW18.

Feature by @millamaria8
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Feature by Milla Maria
Founder and Editor in Chief at Casper & Casper

Top 5 travel beauty products

I’m counting the days to my much needed European break next month, and this time I’ve made a conscious and deliberate decision to pack like a minimalist by only taking the absolute essentials in all clothing and beauty products.

As liberating as this is, actually implementing this tactic is somewhat another story altogether, especially if like me you love having options for that ‘just in case moment’ which somehow only exists in your last minute panicked packing mind!!

This trip will be a different experience by taking only what I need and use, without the clutter of lugging around unnecessary stuff. A light, effortless and fun holiday!!

However, taking this minimal approach to my beauty regime is an entirely new way of culling all the lotions and potions that I regularly apply,  I mean how do I just choose what I need when I need them all at least twice a day!!! The thought of only taking a bare minimum number of products had me in a rather panicked ponder OMG!!! What do I take?

I took my panic pondering mind to my gorgeous and amazing skin therapist Staci from Missie Coco and asked her exactly that.

My brief:

I’ll be galavanting around Europe in September, and I only want to take what I need to simplify my routine. 

Like always Miss Stacey has my skin, and handed me her top 5 travel proof products, and because sharing is caring here they are:

All about hydration and protecting when packing skincare for travelling


# 1 Aspect hydrating mask – apply before the plane, soaks right in so nobody will know you have it on
#2 Ultraceuticals water-resistant SPF 50 face cream – ultimate protection while swimming
#3 Cosmedix elite pepoxide serum – firming peptides and a cocktail of 16 antioxidants to fight free radicals
#4 Aspect Dr complete pigment serum – aha free pigment blocker so no increase in sun sensitivity from UV
#5 Colour Science sunforgettable 50 powder – mineral SPF in a handy brush compact to apply SPF over makeup on the go

All sorted,,, easy, simple and travel ready!!
Subscribe to Casper & Casper  to win one of the beauty travel packs and $100 gift voucher from Miss Coco


Feature by  @millamaria8
Images by Jess Middleton at @casper__studio
Copyright © of Casper & Casper 24.8.2018

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