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June 21, 2016

Located in the heart of Eixample, Barcelona – the Hotel Omm has certainly captured our attention at Casper and Casper.

Hotel Omm Lobby

Since its doors opened in 2003, Hotel Omm has seduced both guests and locals to wander through its doors; offering an abundance of smooth, sexy features which epitomise luxury in contemporary hotel design. Boasting an affluence of captivating features, guests can indulge in world-class cuisine at acclaimed one Michelin star restaurant Roca Moo, before making their way up to the rooftop for a swim while taking in the beautiful mix of 19th century and modern architecture, that is Eixample.


Arguably the hotel’s most visually stunning feature, the exterior architecture reflects true innovation. The way the windows of the rooms appear to flick open across the façade, evoke imagery of the pages of a book turning. Exhibiting perfect design and execution, Architect Juli Capella has created an impossible-to-ignore talking point which showcases her stunning work.

It is imperative to mention that Capella’s contemporary architecture encompasses more depth than the fun, sleek visual appeal hints at. The cleverly angled windows maintain guest privacy; Direct sunlight fully illuminates the rooms, ensuring that genius functionality synthesizes with the attractive form.


The beautiful meld of visual arrangement and purpose extend to the tubes of light spanning the length of the corridors. In addition to creating a visually ultra-modern atmosphere, the lights are cleverly underlined by sound-absorbing rubber.

The interior design of the hotel moves perfectly into the architectural concepts of flowing, neutral elements. Minimal furniture finished with natural materials remains primarily below eye height, ensuring a relaxed, uncluttered feel throughout the rooms.

Suite Hotel Omm


So who is behind this Masterpiece?

Rosa Maria Esteva is the inspiring visionary who conceived and founded the superbly sleek Hotel Omm.

Having accomplished prestige status as a restauranteur; heading an empire of 16 restaurants through a joint venture with her son, Hotel Omm is Esteva’s pet project. Esteva undertook the development of Hotel Omm from idea to doors opening – indicating that she did so with not much more than an inspired will to succeed in her vision.

From the original architecture to the design, management and Roca Moo’s trio of master-chefs, Esteva is not reluctant to mention that she worked in a very deliberate manner to select only the very best in the industry. In doing so, she has manifested a hub of cultural delights as well as an inspired design-savvy hotel.


Roca Moo


Roca Moo Hotel Omm

We all tend to book a hotel assuming we will make some sort of compromise. One hotel cannot possibly combine the best in design, restaurant, and function; or can it?

Founder Rosa Maria Esteva established the prerequisite of meticulous discernment in assigning

The result is a visual and functional synthesis of astute perfectionism.

Hotel Omm creates a reality where all these elements exist simultaneously.

Hotel Omm



Hotel Omm

Feature by Carmen T Spence


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