A minimalistic life.


November 14, 2017


What is minimalism? Well, I understand it from a design perspective – Minimalism is simply the appreciation of spatial symmetry and form of a room, building or object, with little or no distraction from other meaningless items.

Living a minimalistic life is much the same, appreciating one’s life and space by selecting items that enhance our life through purpose, function, beauty or love on a daily basis.

The global rise of minimalism has fuelled many blogs and articles about how to shed your life of STUFF that no longer has a meaning or purpose. It is a conscious decision to live simply with the things that are most important to you thus allowing for a more fulfilling life without clutter.

Becoming a minimalist isn’t about mindlessly getting rid of stuff, but instead becoming aware of how much you are consuming and actually using in comparison to what you need to live a fulfilled life. For some, the concept of buying material objects really does equate to happiness and that’s ok, but for most of us, it’s a temporary fix that doesn’t last. Material consumption has substantially increased among western societies, people mindlessly acquiring beyond their needs becoming oblivious to increasing financial and psychological effects of excessive spending. The environmental impact is equally as concerning, the increase in carbon emissions, pollution, and energy to keep up with human demands is having a devastating effect on earth.
So how much stuff do we really need??
Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus through their own life journies discovered the freedom of owning less STUFF.
Both Joshua and Ryan found themselves fed up with the endless cycle of corporate career stress and mindless material consumption, along with being faced with some of the life’s difficult challenges they were almost forced to take a closer look at their lives, rethinking and reassessing the so-called American Dream. Discovering the positive life-changing benefits of minimalism, and how living with less has profoundly impacted their work, family, friends, and community, they founded their very successful and inspirational blog  theminimalists.com. Here they share stories, documentaries, videos and books on the perks of Minimalism and how it helped them and others live a life with meaning, purpose, and contribution.
Their 2016 award-winning documentary
Minimalism a documentary about the important things,
is an eye-opening, thought-provoking journey of various interviews with experts like Joshua Becker, Zen Habits Leo Babauta, as well as neuroscientist Sam Harris, who all share similar minimalistic views on life, the world and how a minimalistic approach to living has many valuable aspects to mankind and our planet.

Living with less STUFF has been an interesting and fun journey for me, having easily implemented some of the basic steps for fewer things in my life, its fair to say the feeling of giving is somewhat addictive!! I am however still a newbie at the whole minimalistic living, it’s definitely a work in progress but for now, I’m enjoying the upside of living with less and having the freedom and time to do the things I love most.
My awareness for consuming has shifted, although shoes are still a little harder to walk away from. I am still the Queen of a million reasons for another pair or two! “I need new shoes to go with my minimal wardrobe right now!!! Like I said,,, work in progress….: )



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