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Hello January 2019,

As a child, it's easy to remember the excitement around January – the anticipation for the long summer holidays was massive for me, and I reckon for most kids.

January meant endless days and nights of playing, beach holidays, sand between your toes, ice cream trucks, falling asleep in bathers, water fights, bike rides…and for me, my birthday, all straight after Christmas!

As an adult, the anticipation and excitement are all still very prevalent in January. I’m all grown up, so I experience a slightly different version of the fun that I used to have as a child, but it remains the same nevertheless. Now, as a mother and a professional, I embrace the January holidays with my family and friends.

We consider this a time of the year when we can chillax for a little bit before we go rushing mindlessly to the next after-school activity or work meetings. It’s that time of the year when nostalgia softly thrums in the background and plays a part among the long beach days, playing on the sand and pushing each other in cooler waters, laughing at trying to get the sun tent secured, and trying to fold the bloody thing down at the end of the day. Fish and chips and soft serves dripping down your hands are all washed down with a flat slightly warm bottle of coke.

Like I said – it’s still the same, just with a few added bonuses. January helps us greet the new year, but it can also be a chance to take a step back, pause, and enjoy the little things before the rest of the year catches up to us.

With this in mind, let us ease into 2019 with a little light reading, some logical tips around juice detoxing, Australian Open fashion highlights, summers in Puglia, and a collaboration between paddle boards and charity – you know…the easy stuff.

So, relax and enjoy the rest of January, because there will be no talk of New Year resolutions and goal-setting just yet. We enjoy what we have and look forward to all the great things we will surely achieve.



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