Alexa Chung A/W 2019 'Off the Grid'

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung

The London Fashion Week shone with its home-grown heroes and made it clear that social activism is well and truly on-trend. One of the labels that caught our eye at Casper & Casper was ALEXACHUNG, headed by its namesake designer who launched the label in 2016. 

Her new A/W 2019 collection, ‘Off the Grid’, separates itself from rigid squares of contemporary attitudes and tastes, physically and stylistically. The show was staged below-ground in a huge concrete basement at King’s Cross, and Chung’s invitees were told that “Deep beneath the soil in an underground bunker a new form of beauty is preparing to grow up and out”. 

Earthy hibernation and root-deep anticipation of change inspires Chung’s ‘new form of beauty’, transporting us across long-gone pasts and imagined futures where women, in particular, have been out of sight, but never out of mind. Her 70s prairie dress caught the attention of many, with light hems and ruffle details, of more neutral creams and blacks, and another a dark green. Other pieces feature headwear that reminds us of more apocalyptic settings, where a woman maintains her femininity and grace in dystopia despite – or, perhaps, because of – the oversized grey coat, tan dress, overgrown scarves and black tights. Her aesthetic and output are truly purposeful and ready-to-wear in any occasion, lasting through winters with faux fur overcoats and thick blanket wraps, or summers with light, flowing dresses. 

Her pieces are thematically tied together by flashes of colour on cool tones: blues, greens, oranges, browns and muted reds. It combines a signature mixture of wearable Parisian chic-meets-New York edge, inspired by challenging the norms of typical chic, rock ‘n’ roll fashion. 

Much like her A/W 2019 collection, Chung has firmly established herself in the industry. Despite only having debuted in London Fashion Week last September, she grew in fashion: as a model, and as a designer for other labels before launching her own. Much like herself, this collection is the moment of growth, and an ode to the female empowerment in femininity, particularly when it breaks through this gridded glass ceiling. 

ALEXACHUNG’s beauty lies in this period of change and evokes excitement for what is to come in her next collections, and anticipation for a follow-up.

London Fashion Week A/W 2019 in London February 16, 2019

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