Alexander & Co Reimagines Darling Point, Sydney Australia

Darling Point NSW, Australia / Alexander & Co

Darling Point NSW, Australia / Alexander & Co

Design agency Alexander & Co have combined old and new in the compact space of a Darling Point heritage cottage, endeavouring to create a contemporary home without overwriting tradition. The house embodies a harmonic fusion as deliberate planning accommodates history, modernity, and family. 

The alteration of a heritage house carries its own unique challenges alongside the needs of the client, requiring careful design in compliance with heritage guidelines. The style, environment, and significance of the home are all factors under consideration, with conservation being a high priority. Respect for the building’s past is necessary to build a relationship with contemporary features, where old fixtures may serve as inspiration for additions. In Darling Point, a heritage conservation zone, the retention of the home’s unique character was paramount to the overall redesign. 

Alexander & Co took this obstacle in stride with an emphasis on textured materials, evoking the spirit of the home in hand-detailed surfaces. Traditional materials and styles were not merely emulated but integrated into the home. The modern kitchen is accented with solid brass railings that are made to patina over time, changing the colouring of the metal as the home continues to age. Paved limestone floors echo homes of the past, while the grand central staircase turns an essential into a showpiece. 

The overall light tones of the home create an expansive atmosphere despite the limited floorplan, which needed to accommodate a family of five. Separate rooms for each child combine with play spaces on the lower floor to create a well-rounded living space of privacy and family. Versatility in main living areas enables a transformation between private and public spheres, while also providing ample nooks for each family member to make their own. This multifaceted approach speaks to the core vision of Alexander & Co: rather than focusing solely on aesthetics, the agency values collaboration and community.

Ultimately, our ‘why’ is to foster a market leading agency for design and culture creation, where the product of our practice is both spatial, community and philanthropic.
— Alexander & Co
Darling Point NSW, Australia / Alexander & Co

Darling Point NSW, Australia / Alexander & Co

This communal perspective is what made Alexander & Co so well-suited to the Darling Point project. Their open philosophy is clear in the design of the cottage, demonstrating a receptiveness to heritage as well as a mind for the future. With elegance and beauty both retained and added, the home exhibits modernity and tradition intertwined. We at Casper & Casper are inspired by the cooperative vision of Alexander & Co, and can’t wait to see how it will be implemented next.


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