Chisel & Mouse: Art & Urbanity

Feature by Jyqa Patano


Architecture is an art form many appreciate and admire without realising it. Buildings are a sign of the times and some lucky ones even manage to withstand its pull. Some, too, are immortalised in other forms of art.  

History and art culminate with Chisel & Mouse: an artisan approach to meld artistic sensibilities using innovative and transformative technologies.

Founders and creators, brothers Robert and Gavin, have been crafting models and sculptures since 2011.  Inspired by the ever-shifting, ever-growing cityscapes of urbanity, the brothers try to preserve timeless architecture by creating detailed landmarks that you can display in the same way you’d hang a painting on your wall without the cost of buying the building itself – the same way you’d hang a poster of a Monét imitation without having to shell out millions for the original piece. But this isn’t just a framed print-out.


Their work enables both budding design novices and art enthusiasts to appreciate iconic landmarks, making them accessible in the same way that buildings often are. You can’t step into a painting, but you can make memories by simply going through the door of a museum or a gallery, and the sculptors capture the spirit of this moment.

The artists at their studio have mastered artful urbanity through their handcrafted artisanal expertise, crafting individual sculptures with a keen eye and a dexterous hand to give their work detailed flair. Their works are aesthetically pleasing without having to diminish the soul of the building or the area – but maybe just the size.


Each piece successfully captures and respects the nature of the area that they depict. Depth and scale are true-to-form. They pride themselves on their attention to detail by integrating satellite imaging and 3D-modelling to guide traditional moulding and plaster-casting, crafting accurate landmarks in cityscapes and the smallest notches of iconic buildings. Their work ranges from art-deco type structures such as the Empire State Building, the News Building or the Plymouth Hotel, to the modernist Capitol Records building and Watergate Complex. They also have a collection of temples and monuments and Hawksmoor churches, which are their largest and most detailed works to date. If there was ever any need to give praise to our architectural and creative predecessors, the sculptors at Chisel & Mouse provide the perfect commemorations and celebrations for them.

At the same time, the studio provides a bespoke service, giving you a chance to immortalise your own landmarks.

Their passion shows through every detail, every individual work ordered through their website, giving life to the memories of architecture and art in every model they produce. The amount of care and pride they have in their work has remained consistent, if not emboldened, by years of experience, doing what they love and loving what they do.

Think to your first moment of inspiration – the first moment you stepped into an enthralling city, or through the doors of a museum, a building, a house. Chisel & Mouse lets you have that moment, no longer trapped in memory, but preserved in reality.


Feature by Jyqa Patano @jypotates
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