And Now, the Next! Fendi RTW 2019 at Milan Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid / AFP/Getty - Milan Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid / AFP/Getty - Milan Fashion Week

When the time came for Karl Lagerfeld to take his bow, what came on the stage were the lilting lyrics of David Bowie’s “Heroes” and a video of Lagerfeld sketching the first outfit he wore for Fendi in 1965. With it was the effortless sense of style that Lagerfeld could bring to life, from paper to the runway, and Fendi honoured its late creative director by presenting his last collection for the fashion house during Milan Fashion Week.

It was a show that was a purely-Karl tribute, chronicling the designer’s most iconic looks. Accompanied by music that mirrored the designer’s illustrious career, the collection presented signature high, Edwardian collars against sharp tailoring and geometric seams, which Lagerfeld was known for sporting himself. The models were also styled with Lagerfeld’s quintessential clean ponytail – one-half of the look that made the man, alongside the dark sunglasses.

There were also pieces that played with layered translucence, monogrammed patterns and pleated skirts, constantly echoing the lasting fusion of experimental sharpness and imaginative flourish. The collection featured the signature fun furs that Lagerfeld redefined for the fashion world as a whole, boldly touting the ‘FF’ in typical Karligraphy, and ensuring that Lagerfeld’s presence was felt in every piece of fashion-art that walked the runway.  

Model sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid closed the show, and in the place of the late designer, long-time collaborator Silvia Fendi took a brief catwalk bow. Fendi paid a fitting homage to its late creative director, and although controversy and rumour surround his succession in the fashion house, the creator’s legacy lives on as one of the most distinguished cultural icons of our time.

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