New Extreme WOW Suites at the W Montreal

Sid Lee Architecture, in collaboration with owner Ivanhoé Cambridge and operator Hôtel W Montréal, recently completed the transformation of three Extreme WOW Suites at the W Montréal.
Located in the heart of Montreal’s Quartier International, in the historic Bank of Canada building, the W Montréal is a luxury hotel with a hip identity, sophisticated yet fun-loving, and always tuned in to the latest trends in design, fashion and music.

The recent renovation project provided an opportunity to revitalise WOW Suites 1001, 1012 and 1013. The suites now boast museum-style décor inspired by Montreal’s cultural icons, featuring revisited artifacts that have been adapted to the hotel context. Together, the objects tell the story of a forward-thinking city that takes pride in its heritage.


Suite 1001 is the most spacious of the three rooms, and an excellent example of the concept: the dining area and Habitat bar borrow the deconstructed shapes of the Habitat 67 apartment complex; the central rug and bookcase evoke Villa-Maria metro station; the rug in the cinema corner glimmers with summer fireworks; the chandelier over the bed has a dense geometric structure reminiscent of the Biosphere; the natural-fur cushions on the bed pay tribute to the fur trade’s key role in the city’s history; and the artworks reflect the city’s eclectic, avant-garde art movements

The rooms were completely revamped to embody the W brand’s colourful philosophy. The space is now multifunctional, modular and reconfigurable. All furniture is custom-designed making it very easy and possible to open up the entire area to be furniture free. Doing this allows for greater space and flexibility upon the individual use of the room that encompasses a spectacular panoramic view of the city.


Suite 1001 is a destination with many possible uses, from exclusive getaways to private events such as business meetings, product launches, parties or fashion shows.

The suite has a large circular screen and a projector for guests to use. It also features a pantry and service entrance for catered events.

Suites 1012 and 1013 will be photographed soon in warm summer light. Their colourful stained-glass art will cast spectacular reflected patterns, creating a unique look.


About Sid Lee Architecture

Founded in 2009 through the integration of the Nomade architectural firm, Sid Lee Architecture is the product of the combined talent and skill of architects and urban designers Jean Pelland and Martin Leblanc, and the Sid Lee creative agency.

Working around the world from its Montreal studios, Sid Lee Architecture has nearly 50 architects, technicians, designers, managers and other professionals. Sid Lee Architecture’s projects stand out for their uniqueness and strong identity steeped in history, culture and community.

Since 2015, Sid Lee Architecture has been part of kyu, a new collective of creative firms established by Hakuhodo DY Holdings, Asia’s second-largest network of agencies.


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