Nood Co Concrete – Home-Grown Design with International Success

Bowl Basin

Bowl Basin

One of my favourite aspects of Denfair is the prominence of Australian designers, so I was very excited to see Nood Co exhibiting their beautiful concrete basins again this year. The Perth-based company has continued to expand both their unique concrete product range and their reputation overseas, making it an inspiring home-grown company. 

Nood Co Concrete is not only designed and handmade in Perth – it’s constructed out of 90% Australian-sourced materials. The composition of the concrete, arrived at after four years in development, is entirely unique, while the gorgeous range of colours reflect Australian landscapes. The packaging and marketing are all accomplished by Nood Co themselves, comprising an entirely Australian-run product with a strong brand presence. 

The beauty of Nood Co sinks stems from the intentional duality between masculine material and feminine form. The sleek curves and vibrant colours present a feminised version of concrete that is elegant in its simplicity. Nood Co removes much of the patina in its concrete, allowing their sinks to contribute to the spaces in which they are situated rather than dominating them. The ultra-fine finish of the concrete complements this aesthetic harmony, with a silky satin finish providing an unobtrusive smooth surface.

This is made possible by admixes in the composition that build water tolerance into the concrete, negating the need for hefty sealers on the surface. The sinks are durable and boast high strength, yet reasonable weight, averaging from between nine and fifteen kilograms. This also makes them easily transportable: Nood Co delivers products to over 200 countries, shipping Australian design all over the globe. 

Nood Co is taking concrete to the next level, and I am so proud to see an Australian company enjoying international success. Every expansion to their range is gorgeous, and we at Casper & Casper can’t wait to see what’s to come next. I had the opportunity to speak with product designer Matt Di Costa at Denfair this year, where he told me all about what makes Nood Co unique – take a look below.


Nood Co Founders Matt Di Costa, Kim Di Costa, Chris Walker

Nood Co Founders Matt Di Costa, Kim Di Costa, Chris Walker


Visit Nood Co’s website to learn more about their concrete products.
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