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Prada usually collaborates with some of the world’s most amazing architects to design the stage and space for their runways. This year’s showcase of the statuesque collection was no different.

Instead of the torchlit stage in Marrakech, Miucci Prada opted to showcase the Prada Resort 2020 collection in the company’s West 52nd St Piano Factory headquarters. The warehouse was transformed with suspended pink neon lights in the ceiling alongside pink recessed columns between them, and stone look-alike module booths for the audience to sit and enjoy the show. The simplistic and clever use of lighting and space created a soft ambience complementing the strong undertone of the pieces on display.


Similarly, Prada describes the collection as the “opposite of pretentious”. The stripped-back architecture of the stage highlights the humble material on the runway. Simple outlines and loose forms indicate a dedication to utility. Skirts were the familiar A-line to Prada fans, accented and paired with patterned tops and sneakers that add a more modern touch. As Miucci Prada intended, there were no frills or lace, but simplicity and authenticity.

For Casper & Casper, less is more, and the Prada Resort 2020 show was exactly that. Prada chose the perfect setting for its resort collection, acting as a “protest against too much” through the beauty of simplicity, in all aspects of the event. Our founder, Maria, has a fondness for architecture and fashion, and she believes that Prada seamlessly and organically fuses both to create an art form of its own.

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