Rigg Design Prize 2018 – The Best of Australian Interior Design

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We are unashamedly interior design fiends here at Casper, so it’s natural for us to get excited about the triennial Rigg Design Prize. Here’s the lowdown on the Rigg, plus why you should get down to the NGV Melbourne to see it (or if you can’t, indulge in some serious surfing online).


The Rigg Design Prize is Australia’s highest accolade in contemporary interior design. Every three years, design firms across the country compete for a shot at winning the prestigious prize. If they’re successful in making the shortlist, there’s the added bonus of a much larger audience discovering their work at the exhibition at Melbourne’s NGV.

Each Rigg exhibition is based upon a theme and this year’s was domestic living. Design studios were tasked with producing a one-room space conveying what domesticity means today. In essence, they were asked to play the dual role of designer and storyteller, and the results were outstanding.


Ten design studios made the cut this year, all exploring the theme in innovative, bold and unique ways. The ultimate winner was Hecker Guthrie with a room celebrating the humble table and how it serves to bind the people that gather around it. For if you think about it, it truly is a focal point of our living space. It’s where we eat, drink, talk, laugh, cry, study and work. Simply put, it’s where we create memories.

There are so many more highlights of the exhibition and it’s almost too difficult to pick just one. But if you’re twisting our arm, then we might just have to say the Richards Stanisich installation as it really captured our attention.

It features an interesting juxtaposition of the modern and the natural worlds around us. The outer black gloss walls edged with blue lights represents our obsession with all things digital, while the inner sanctum is filled with earthy, tactile features to represent our yearning for nature.

We love the question it poses: by inviting so much technology into our domestic space, is this leading us to seek out more of the natural to compensate?


Hopefully our little taste of the Rigg Design Prize 2018 has got you wanting more. If so, the exhibition is on until 24 February 2019 at the NGV, Melbourne. But if you can’t visit in person, there’s plenty of info online including some fantastic YouTube videos featuring all ten shortlisted design studios.


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