Soundsticks: Turning waste material into a commercial product



In 2017, Italian-Hungarian industrial designer Andrea Ruggiero was invited to experiment in the Offecct Lab in order to find a way of turning waste material into a high performing commercial product. After two years of trials, Offecct is proud to present to the market the sound absorbing room divider, Soundsticks.

Trained as an industrial designer, Andrea Ruggiero approaches design as a generalist, bridging various disciplines: in addition to product design, he has been actively involved in the design and development of identity systems, furniture, packaging, and environments. His work has been selected for numerous awards, including Interior Design’s Best of Year, the IDEA Award, the D&AD Award, and multiple Good Design awards, including one for Tempo, designed for Offecct in 2008.

Making a commercial product with left over materials is easy to say but hard to do. After deep discussions and elaborate workshops with Andrea Ruggiero, they developed a design and a method that not only ensured a sustainable product, but also a product that could add something new and relevant to the acoustic segment.

Soundsticks consists of textile scraps from upholstery production which have been moulded into the shape of a tube, held together at the ends by recycled aluminium caps. These textile “sticks” hang from rails in linear or radial shapes and can be combined depending on need and space.

This project evolved through many discussions and various attempts at exploring new ways of addressing acoustics in modern environments. Soundsticks is an innovative room-dividing concept that “helps reduce ambient noise in public spaces or open plan workspaces”, says Andrea Ruggiero.

Suspended from various heights, in clusters or in a row, the Soundsticks modular hanging system offers endless of possibilities to create new spaces in rooms. It is possible to balance the sound in the environment by adjusting the number of Soundsticks, and the round shape of the sticks gives privacy while also allowing light to trickle through. By randomly combining sticks of different colours in the same nuance, s subtle and captivating camouflage pattern emerges, and Soundsticks reminds us of how beautiful recycling can be.


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Press Release Offecct 15.03.2019


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