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Feature by Milla Maria @millamaria8

I’m counting the days to my much needed European break next month, and this time I’ve made a conscious and deliberate decision to pack like a minimalist by only taking the absolute essentials in all clothing and beauty products.

As liberating as this is, actually implementing this tactic is somewhat another story altogether, especially if like me you love having options for that ‘just in case moment’ which somehow only exists in your last minute panicked packing mind!!

This trip will be a different experience by taking only what I need and use, without the clutter of lugging around unnecessary stuff. A light, effortless and fun holiday!!

However, taking this minimal approach to my beauty regime is an entirely new way of culling all the lotions and potions that I regularly apply,  I mean how do I just choose what I need when I need them all at least twice a day!!! The thought of only taking a bare minimum number of products had me in a rather panicked ponder OMG!!! What do I take?

I took my panic pondering mind to my gorgeous and amazing skin therapist Staci from Missie Coco and asked her exactly that.

My brief:

I’ll be galavanting around Europe in September, and I only want to take what I need to simplify my routine. 

Like always Miss Stacey has my skin, and handed me her top 5 travel proof products, and because sharing is caring here they are:


  1. Aspect hydrating mask – apply before the plane, soaks right in so nobody will know you have it on

  2. Ultraceuticals water-resistant SPF 50 face cream – ultimate protection while swimming

  3. Cosmedix elite pepoxide serum – firming peptides and a cocktail of 16 antioxidants to fight free radicals

  4. Aspect Dr complete pigment serum – aha free pigment blocker so no increase in sun sensitivity from UV

  5. Colour Science sunforgettable 50 powder – mineral SPF in a handy brush compact to apply SPF over makeup on the go

All sorted,,, easy, simple and travel ready!!

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Feature by Milla Maria  @millamaria8
Images by Jess Middleton at @casper__studio
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