3D Explorations of the Adam Martinakis Kind


Using 3D modelling techniques, Greco-Polish artist Adam Arthouros Martinakis utilises surrealist forms and entangled mannequin models to reach raw emotions and presents intimate moments using bare veins and filaments to represent passion, love and suffering, and sometimes all at once. Like Refik Anadol's live data sculptures, Casper & Casper are inspired by Martinakis’ creative techniques, using modern technology to create digital art that prompts a deeper exploration of the roots of human nature.

The connection between people helps them find the essential humanity that is always shared and never experienced alone. Martinakis does not allow solitary black-and-whites or traditional human forms.

Instead, he twists and modifies the 3D models as much as they are able and shifts the perspective to produce the most elegant portrait of humanity that goes beyond physical constraints.  For Martinakis, 3D and digital art, together, acts as a new, modern “bridge, a connection between the spirit and the material, the living and the absent, the personal and the universal”.

This wide, metaphysical view echoes sentiments from the Greek and Renaissance eras, and their influence in his art is equally palpable, along with his professional and academic background in industrial design, interior architecture and decorative arts.


Artists often attempt to make human emotions tangible by personifying them or grounding them in real things. Instead of adding physical form, however, Martinakis takes it away almost completely, leaving only threads that both unravel and intertwine all at once. Last Kiss, The Remains of a Memory and The Erotic Void exemplify the filaments and veins involved in frozen moments in time. When Martinakis chooses to fill this bodily void, however, he does so in magnificent surrealist fashion. Hands always portray a yearning that seems impossible to fulfil. Bodies fold, merge and curl into their own and each other as is in Crossing Lines and Intruders. It speaks to the innate human need for touch and connection, reimagining the complexity of these tender moments with his models.

Martinakis honours the essence of the infinite possibility of art, while attempting to evolve as an artist in his own way. Digital art recreates and reforms the physical laws that guide typical perceptions of the world, as he mentioned in a Vice interview, and Martinakis constantly attempts to explore the relationship of humans to cosmology and science. This fascination reflects in art that challenges modern comprehensions of the physical world, and the conventional techniques that depicted them.

With 3D art, he illustrates that technology does not necessarily complicate relationships and drive people apart. Instead, technology binds people together in his art, evoking that same spirit and sense in his otherworldly, haunting compositions.

All credits go to Adam Arthouros Martinakis.

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