Hot list! Water-proof Mascara to stay cool for the summer

Jaclyn Adams (MECCA)

Jaclyn Adams (MECCA)

Let's face it, looking naturally beach sexy during summer doesn't exactly come with no effort, especially when it comes to our poor lashes. The Aussie heat is can be completely unflattering, not to mention disastrous on those long hot, endless summer days and nights when everything feels more like a Salvador Dali’s Melting Clocks painting, rather than a summer Vogue swimwear editorial, umm... I think you get the picture, and It's definitely not Instagram worthy!

This month’s make up contributor Miss Holly Doran's top SIX Mascara legends will have you all sorted in any heated event, and I mean any heated event!

Pick your mascara ‘beach-to-bar’ hero for a super sexy effortless lash full and totally Instagram worthy summer.



The COVERGIRL product boasts a volumizing agent come rain or shine. Its hypoallergenic formula coupled with its max-out brush would leave your peers wondering how your lashes stay at a hundred-percent after a good swim.  

Maybelline’s product boasts a fan effect, and it’s no wonder that you’ll keep looking cool with this mascara. It boasts its blackest colour mascara line with a brush that truly pays attention to your lashes, layer-by-layer, creating zero clumps and zero hassle. 



Also recommended by Casper & Casper’s Nyianhal Yang, Better than Sex may just live up to its name. Too Faced will get you hooked on the colour, care and shape it brings to your lashes. Whether you’re sweating out in your summer bod or enjoying it in the great outdoors, the Too Faced mascara stays on – anytime, anywhere, every-when.

MAC is not to be outdone by its competitors. The Extended Play Gigablack mascara promises a lightweight, long-wearing formula that lasts up to 16 hours. It washes off with warm waters, but who would take a hot shower during the summer? MAC promises the “blackest black” colour yet and claims that it is “sweat- and humidity-resistant”, truly sticking with you throughout the summer.  



The curvaceous and volumizing Maxi Lash waterproof mascara by Guerlain covers all the bases from colour, long-lasting resistance and shape. With only a single swipe, your lashes will thank you with its first layer of adherent oils and the second layer that acts as a conditioner. Guerlain’s long-lasting formula affects your lashes in a good way, even after you’ve taken them off for the day. 

Standing out from the rest, BENEFIT offers the They’re Real! mascara in three colours and maintains consistent quality throughout. Whether you feel like going jet black, beyond brown or beyond blue, the wand gives your wink extra magic that will have your friends thinking that your lashes are out of this world. 

Long-lasting and waterproof mascaras are essential for our increasingly busy lifestyles. Whether you want bold blacks or curvaceous style, these mascaras are guaranteed to be more than just a summer fling.  


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