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Having an office that’s a short stroll from your back door seems like a dream come true, and it is for Canadian construction company AUX BOX. 

The innovative duo spearheading the company, Landon Sheck and Morgan Seeber, combine construction and lifestyle solutions to give you cool spaces with fixed prices in your own backyard, saving you the headache of building permits, high contractor rates and strict design choices.

Casper & Casper recently spoke with the creatives behind this fresh new idea to gain insights on their mission statement and creative processes.

The clever duo are the designers of the modular office and/or studio products created and built purposely to individual needs, be it work, art or a hobby – a convenient and cost-efficient self-standing room outside the house.


We were particularly caught by your statement, “thinking out of the box and putting people in them”

How did you both come up with this concept?

It was Morgan who first envisioned the AUX BOX. We considered a larger unit a few years ago, and then we got distracted with family and work and decided to shelf the idea.

In January 2018, Morgan figured an even smaller building that didn’t need a building permit may be exactly the right product for us. Largely, it stemmed from a frustration with the construction industry. We both have spent most of our adult lives in the industry and continued to see the same foolish processes repeated. We felt that modular building had to be the future, and decided we wanted to build something that would help adjust the perception of “modular”. 

The AUX BOX was born.

You engaged in extensive research with several municipalities about the product, making sure the dimensions fit in with all requirements, having optimal space and height to avoid red tape and permits. Logistically this is a very important part of your concept, so what are some of the other aspects you considered during your design process?

Yes, we spent months optimising the AUX BOX for as many variables as we possibly could. Indeed, bylaws and transport guidelines dictated some of the design, but we also wanted to create something beautiful and functional.

We looked at structures all over the world for inspiration, considered the many ways a building this size – shaped like a box – may be used, made sure the user would not waste any time maintaining the unit, and then put it all together. We wanted the space to be a complement, perhaps to the property, but especially to the ambition of the AUX BOX owner.

Initially, you both thought that the AUX BOX would be more suited for a home office space, yet you’ve discovered that customers are using it for many other uses. How does that impact your designs?

We have some core design elements that we will not budge on while offering plenty of custom options to make the space unique to the desired function.

A good example would be the option of an exterior enclosure to house the electrical panel. This design feature allows for full use of any wall inside without the interruption of a panel, not to mention the questionable aesthetic of the grey steel door.


Does that mean you can customise your box to suit the client’s needs? For example, in-built furniture, shelving, cupboards, and the like? 

Absolutely. Bring us your vision, and we will make it happen. 

The products are built off-site and then delivered to the property and assembled on site, which is super convenient and streamlines the installation. Can you tell us a little about this process?

We have a warehouse in beautiful Parksville, British Columbia that we construct the AUX BOX in. It’s important to us to have a safe, dry space to build in. This means no weather interruptions or ruined materials due to moisture. 

We can also maintain schedules and manage waste efficiently as well. We have the ability to move the units ourselves within B.C and can ship anywhere else (Canada and USA) with some help from long haul shippers. Basically, you design and order your AUX BOX. We build it and then put it on a trailer. We drive it to your property, and either drop it off ourselves, or have a crane meet us there to place it.

During the build we arrange a very basic foundation and have an electrician prepare for the unit on your property. We drop it off, plug it in, and hand over the keys. If necessary, we will help you program the thermostat so the AUX BOX is warm when you open the door the next morning.

You’re proudly environmentally conscious, too. How do you go about doing this?

By design. In most cases, waste is a result of either bad planning or poor execution. We considered every piece of material used to create the AUX BOX. It is in our best interest to minimise waste, and so we were careful and conscious in our planning. During the actual building process, the materials are dry and free of dirt the whole time. No materials have the opportunity to get damaged, and our precise drawings and cut lists mean mistakes are rare.

This all adds up to nearly zero wasted material, time and energy. We buy our materials from a supplier literally across the street, and we don’t have vehicles commuting to the customers property for a month like a typical room addition. We have a little joke about not leaving a dozen empty Tim Horton’s cups on our customers lawn each day like a typical construction site. (We have a nice espresso machine in the warehouse!)


This is an amazing product with many uses. Do you ship internationally?

We ship anywhere in Canada and the USA. Beyond that we can advise on alternate options to have an AUX BOX built locally.

There’s a growing market for your type of product, which must be a very exciting opportunity. How would like to see your products evolve?

Once we have established the brand and made it clear that we create purposeful spaces that complement the users’ ambitions, we would love to create larger units that are actual living spaces with the same philosophy.

We also hope to encourage others in or entering the modular building industry, to build thoughtfully and continue to innovate. This is new, so we keenly look forward to seeing how AUX BOX does evolve. 


AUX BOX is certainly an out-of-the-box solution for your workspace and lifestyle needs, breaking down the tightly-constrained walls of traditional construction and architecture to give you a contemporary space without leaving the comforts of your own home.

We at Casper & Casper were blown away by this cool new idea. Make sure to check out their Instagram page to get inspired by their designs, and maybe get one of your own!

Check them out here: AUX BOX
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