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Laura La Rocca, founder and lead creative of LaLaRocca, is as passionate about her words as she is about empowering the free spirit of the modern woman. The stylish Italian designer sources her inspiration from her many years in the fashion industry, her liberal upbringing on all things spiritual and her remarkable journey of personal growth. Casper & Casper founder Milla Maria recently spoke with her on her work.

Leather, Leather and Leather

LaLaRocca produces beautifully handcrafted, high-quality leather handbags, satchels and clutches that encompass versatility, style and design. Laura’s unique eye for detail and fashion experience guides the design sensibilities present in each piece of the LaLaRocca collection.

LaLarocca's clever chic designs come from Laura's ability to think outside the box; literally, a creative component that served her well during the establishment of her previous and very successful men’s lingerie label. Producing high-quality functional leather bags and accessories was a “natural and easy expression of [her] creative individuality”, and she never fails to include the “Laura spark” in her work. Better yet, this individuality and creativity does not overshadow the user’s own flair; instead, La Rocca aims to amplify it.

The Energy of Words

Bold words grace the leather surfaces of La Rocca’s bags. Her collection ranges from empowering to challenging, never losing sight of the courageous and strong energy that guides her art direction.

The LaLaRocca accessory is made to handle almost any purpose in any environment, be it in the office or the local martini bar. La Rocca thoroughly considers practicality during the entire design process, making any La La Rocca piece an easy wardrobe go-to.

I believe in the energy of words, and there are moments in life when we feel, see or hear that connection and energy… Definitions may be open to different interpretations; however, sharing a sentiment of empowerment through each bag always remains the same.
— Laura La Rocca

The positive energy that the collection aims to exude caters to all the individuals in the flexible gender spectrum and to a variety of tastes. While some customers prefer something a little subtle, others are drawn to a bag that’s bolder in its aesthetic. The uniqueness is as individual as its owner. Simple, fun and cheeky, the collection focuses on clean, professional details and shapes, proving that less can, indeed, contain more than meets the eye. 


LaLaRocca also collaborates on bespoke designs with other designers and brands, and Casper & Casper are eager to see more of her work.

View the collection at LaLaRocca today. For enquiries, contact La Rocca at

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