I.AM.GIA throwback to the 90s

Everyone and their BFF are talking about I.AM.GIA, the clothing store that is hitting up everyone’s Insta feeds right now.

Founded by Melbourne sisters Stevie and Alana Pallister with an aim of empowering women, I.AM.GIA is currently one of the leading online fashion stores in the world. And that’s no exaggeration!!

How it started

It all began with an Insta DM from Bella Hadid’s stylist, Elizabeth Sulcer asking Stevie to send her an outfit for Bella to wear during Paris Fashion Week. Mind-blowingly, she wore it and then the requests came flying in. Just about every model from Kaia Gerber to Emily Ratajkowski to Romee Strijd had a piece of GIA to show off.

Today, it’s almost impossible to talk about recent fashion trends without mentioning GIA. The brand popularity is of epic proportions and has a sound cult following.

The style

The GIA style is strong and provocative with a definite nostalgic vibe. While the Kill Bill references and 90s leather craze are blatant, it’s the simpler style pieces that seem to be the real crowd pleasers.

They’re also bringing back dragon and flame prints, combat trousers, backless tops and mesh in a big and very exciting way.


If you haven’t already, check out the brand at I.AM.GIA. You’ll soon see for yourself the hype’s well deserved!

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