In Conversation with Bianca Spender at M/FW

Bianca Spender / Photography James Brickwood

Bianca Spender / Photography James Brickwood

Bianca Spender opened up about her path to design and her focus on sustainability at In Conversation with Bianca Spender, a Melbourne Fashion Week event held at the Mercedes Me café and event space on Monday night. Facilitated by Melissa Singer, the national editor at The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, the conversation flowed naturally from Spender’s inspirations to her hopes for the future of fashion, where the Australian designer spoke explicitly on what it means to be sustainably minded. 

The fashion industry is known and often condemned for being the second most polluting industry on the planet. Intensely aware of this standard, Spender explained that it’s integral to look at every process of design and production through a sustainable lens. She highlighted the attainable unity of sustainability and fashion, detailing the practices she has instituted in the design process itself to reduce waste, carbon emissions, and water usage – such as prioritising a quota of 50% deadstock material in every collection. In this way, Spender believes that ‘fashion must be in a deep dialogue with the environment,’ drawing on her personal love of nature to inspire both her aesthetics and manufacturing processes.

 The most notable theme in the discussion, however, was Spender’s enthusiasm towards the regeneration of the fashion industry. Emphasising that ‘we all must be leaders for change,’ she encouraged the disparate global fashion industry to work together towards sustainable goals, making eco-friendly options – which are often more expensive – more accessible to every designer. Now in her tenth year in fashion, Spender has chosen to see the challenges of sustainable work as an opportunity to experiment and expand her creative processes: she views working sustainably ‘not as a limitation but an inspiration,’ establishing herself as inspiration for designers all over the world.

The passion and optimism shown by Bianca Spender at this MFW event was captivating, allowing us an insight into both Spender’s design practices as well as her incredible personality. Her dedication to sustainability in her own designs and fashion globally comprises an inspiring movement for change, and we at Casper & Casper feel extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to listen to her passions and hopes.

To learn more about Bianca Spender, visit her website here.


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