John Elliott: The Flagship Store


John Elliott's first retail location in LA reflects the innovative and progressive spirit of the label's designs. Located at 8808 Melrose Avenue, the 3,500-square foot premises is transformed into a contemporary minimalist retail store with a unique focus on detail and quality. The store encapsulates facets of Tokyo and the Pacific Coast, the dual roots of the label, complete with a Japanese garden that houses a specially-sourced bamboo hybrid capable of growing in the California climate. The store's focal point is the light-box showcasing the brand's name, which extends off the white exterior of the building. The interior lighting mimics natural daylight temperatures – an intentional design feature that aims to invite the maximum amount of sunlight inside.

We are excited for John Elliott, who continually strives to create, collaborate and inspire through fashion. 

As we grow, we strive to remember where we’ve been and who we are as a company, while also pushing forward to constantly innovate and improve. We reinvest in our products in the hope of creating tomorrow’s classics.
— John Elliott
Image source: John Elliott

Image source: John Elliott

For the latest collection, visit the John Elliott website.

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