Feathr x Lee Herring – Merging Two Worlds

Feature by Milla Maria


The very best art emerges when two seemingly disparate forces merge. In FEATHR x Lee Herring, it’s all about a traditional form of interior design combining with a modern form of art – wallpaper and graffiti art.



FEATHR is a Finnish-based interiors company who just love to collaborate. In fact, they’ve built their business on it, travelling the globe to seek out contemporary artists to help them create original wallpaper and fabrics. On one of these trips, they met with British graffiti and mixed media artist Lee Herring.



Drawn by Lee’s bold mix of colours and inventive use of texture, FEATHR fell in love with his vibrant and spontaneous works. They invited him to collaborate with them, with Lee remixing two of his original paintings to create two new murals, Glowing Shards and Neon Bunting.

Both of these original pieces were created using an interesting combination of materials (spray paint, marker pens and acrylic paints) and a fascinating juxtaposition of traditional and modern landscapes and patterns. Think bold geometric shapes floating atop a lush garden of wild flowers.

Translating these pieces into wallpaper murals and still managing to retain the energy and detail with which they were created, was an essential part of the process. And it’s one FEATHR pulled off brilliantly. Lee couldn’t be more pleased with the accuracy of detail achieved in the wallpaper reproductions and says he enjoys seeing his ‘artworks break out of the frame and work across the whole wall’.

To find out more about this innovative collab, visit the FEATHR website.

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