A Letter from Founder Maria

Art by Sara Sidari  @sarasidari

Art by Sara Sidari @sarasidari

2018 – thank you for being fantastic!

I complete 2018 with so much gratitude and pride, especially towards my brilliant team who give their very best every day to make Casper & Casper one awesomely inspiring magazine.

We have accomplished so much this year, and it almost feels surreal because we had so much fun doing it all. Honestly, it did not feel like work, and that must be the magic of loving what you do and the people around you: progress and success naturally follow! 

This is the epitome of doing what you love with Casper & Casper – you become oblivious to time until you take a moment to reflect and enjoy the beautiful people you met, the stories you have shared, the adventures you have encountered, the places you have seen and the inspirations you have discovered.

A special thank you to all our readers, our contributors and collaborators.

I leave you with my favourite exercise from our latest blog post, "Mindful Holidays", by Vanessa, the 10-Fingers Gratitude Exercise:

On the holiday to-do list of things to buy, people to visit and cakes to bake, practising gratitude is one small task that is often forgotten about.

This is a great trick for when the holidays go haywire, and the festivities are making you frantic: be still for a moment and count on your fingers 10 things you are grateful for (no less than 10). This can be anything from a sunny day to a nutritious breakfast or just a simple call from a good friend about anything at all. This might help you return to your to-do list with a different perspective.

Wishing you all a fantastic holiday season, and a magnificent 2019!!

x Maria Ugrinovski

The team in 2018!

The team in 2018!

Art by Sara Sidari @sarasidari
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