Nike: The Phenomenal Challenge

Nike Korea / Chung-ha

Nike Korea / Chung-ha

The Korean tradition doljabi lets a baby pick, during their first birthdays, from a range of toys indicating their possible future careers. Nike puts its own modern spin on the tradition for the contemporary South Korean woman to celebrate their hard-earned possibilities for self-expression, won through years of social change and advocacy – just in time for the upcoming #PhenomenalFestival celebrations in South Korea for International Women’s Day in early March.

The campaign, heralded by their new short film Choose Phenomenal, features well-known female trailblazers in their respective fields. From the entertainment industry comes Amber Liu, singer-songwriter and member of long-standing K-pop girl group f(x), fellow singer-songwriter-dancer Chung-ha, and comedian Park Na-rae. From sports, they have included Ji So-hyun, a soccer player, and golfer Park Sung-hyun. The short film shuffles through years of feminine individuality and women’s contributions to culture, music, art and many other facets of life. 

Choose Phenomenal also teases the Nike women’s collection, including signature tights, bras and jackets, among other things. We also cannot exclude iconic sneakers, like the new Air Max Dia SE, which boasts sleek minimalism and the attractive style of the Nike Air Max line. Their new member-only Epic React Flyknit 2 ‘8-bit’ and January 31-release ‘Pixel’ are also included in the collection, drawing inspiration from vibrant 90’s tech palettes, clearly shining through in graduated midsoles, hyper-pink outsoles and a sapphire heel clip.

To further celebrate women, Nike is launching the first ever #PhenomenalChallenge, where “users will be invited to participate in athletic challenges and share their results on Instagram”, as Hypebeast explains.

As Casper & Casper founder Maria once said: “Sometimes, I think women make society.” Society also has a way of making women, too, and this tradition, coupled with the Nike initiative, is a bold message that we receive loud and clear: we choose our own futures, and move forward in our own way.  

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