Nordic Luxury at Hotel F6

Hotel F6 / Helsinki, Finland

Hotel F6 / Helsinki, Finland

Hotel F6 lies at the heart of Helsinki, providing warmth in the Nordic city with its refined atmosphere. The family-owned boutique hotel invites you to relax and explore the surrounds by providing thoughtful, well-designed accommodation and four bicycles to rent for free as a means of transport. Technology, comfort and design all unite seamlessly in the Hotel F6 experience.

Upon entry, guests are greeted by the hotel staff and welcomed ‘home’ to provide the all-important feeling of security and comfort in their accommodation for the duration of their stay. Each of the 66 rooms are larger than the average hotel room and comes with its own spotless en suite, furnishings that combine both elegant wood finishes and contemporary Nordic taste, and, notably, beds that are both comfortable and functional. The rooms are accessible and family-friendly, with extra beds coming at no extra cost. The hotel not only looks clean – literally and aesthetically – but also employs the use of new technologies in the day-to-day management of the building. This includes beds are that are equipped with Valpas’ smart bed legs, which capture bedbugs upon detection, and using wind and water energy as a source of electricity. The authentic family touch further translates to Runar, the hotel’s bar, named after the family dog, and the organic, local ingredients that the bar uses in their authentic Finnish food. Guests can also use the gym, complementary to their stay.

Hotel F6 offers a luxurious space that brings the familiarity of the home to Helsinki’s bustling urban centre. At the core of the hotel lies a passion for the industry and for family that inspires the team at Casper & Casper, reflected in the careful design and thoughtful treatment of the guests at Hotel F6. 



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