Rachel Comey / NYFW 2019

Kicking off this year’s New York Fashion Week, Rachel Comey bursts into the scene with colour and pattern, and a little old-fashioned inclusivity. The designer is not afraid to be inclusive, and though she is not the only one with stand-out models that do not fall within the typical size-0, 6-feet-tall 20-somethings, Casper & Casper founder and stylist Maria was blown away by the beauty and grace that strutted down the runway, and for good reason.

Motivated in part by the viral essay on millennial burnoutVogue reports that Comey’s pieces make a statement that seem decisively anti-colour burnout. She does not conform to the minimalist monochromes and stiff shapes of contemporary aesthetics. Instead, her Fall 2019 Ready-to-Wear collection follows a palette full of bright pigments on an array of models across generations. There is also plenty of plush, blanket-like cosiness here that invites intergenerational differences to combat burnout-fatigue with wearable, statement-making comfort. 

Her pieces encourage some degree of imagination as to the number of combinations you can achieve with her clothing, speaking to the bold, all-encompassing nature of her fashion sensibilities and her people-oriented art direction.

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Rachel Comey

Rachel Comey

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Photography / Alessandro Lucioni 
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