RUNWAY 1 at VAMFF 2019


In typical Vogue fashion, the runway show this Tuesday was nothing short of impressive, sleek and modern. The show opened with a banging remix of Billie Eilish’s you should see me in a crown against the creamy, subtler colour blocks and patterns of Akira. Amongst BassikeLee Matthews and Scanlan Theodore, Casper & Casper founder Maria’s favourites finally shone through. The pushed-back, clean styles of Camilla and Marc emulate the modern woman, with burst of colour in between the monochrome, and open hemlines that would’ve been provocative in the 80’s, but are now considered contemporary looks.

Maria’s taste for clean sophistication may be why she favours Bianca Spender, a label that featured bigger buttons and bigger patterns without being overly genre-defying. Dion Lee – in classic Dion Lee style – gave sheer fabrics and creative cuts that teased the limitations of more conservative clothing on the runway. 

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