Seoul Fashion Week 2019

Photography Alex Finch

Photography Alex Finch

Although confident street style is usually the name of the game during Seoul Fashion Week, its 2019 run saw cleaner and more experimental styles on the runway without sacrificing any of the Seoul-elite vibes. Seoul Fashion Week continues its stunning streak in breaking new fashion ground with pieces that both make a statement and are still suited for everyday wear. The event took place just last weekend and has always been a space for trendsetters and trend-followers – be it actual labels or fashion week guests. This year set the tone high street fashion 

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Leather is the look for BAROQUE’s FW 2019 runway show. Black is most prevalent colour theme, with scatterings of white and red. The plain colour scheme is not reductive; instead, black showcases various configurations of the finer details: zippers, stitching and a pair of silverware pins adorn the jackets. Looser, longer pants finish off the signature BAROQUE styling that makes it fit to wear from a high-end runway to a Seoul-style street.

COQUETSTUDIO offers an even cleaner alternative to modern masculine tastes. The cooler tones are slightly offset by teases of bright oranges, plaids and classic patterns here and there, along with outlines that are boxy instead of fitted. Nonetheless, they feature the same casual high-fashion sensibilities as that of its more experimental counterparts, all without sacrificing the definition of their linear collars and belt-lined waists.


tibaeg’s “soft, contemporary brand” infuses local and global inspirations in their most recent collection, and presents it in a way that releases tender, delicate sensibilities into the scene without needing to be edgy and bold. Ethereal, sheer material, thick faux fur and denim patches embrace trends that we saw earlier this year with Alexa Chung and Iris van Herpen. In a season where skilful layering is both fashionable and pragmatic, tibaeg takes it a step further by challenging convention while keeping its in-season theme.

MINJUKIM’s subtle prints offset daring feminine cuts, subverting expectations after the traditional first glance. Frills wrap around the torso and the arms but are also used as an accent to Puritan collars. A stiff red dress contrasts the rest of the mildly provocative collection, paired with what seems like latex tights. Horned headdresses compliment the same bull-like pattern on their knits in separate outfits. The diversity in this collection is the same flexible sensibility that ties it together, and MINJUKIM stays stubbornly dauntless in their foray into this season’s high street fashion.


South Korean label BESFXXK by Bona Kim and Jae Hyuk Lim create visionary new languages to communicate utilitarian styles, and it was clear this year from head to toe. Weird, face-obscuring hairstyling was attention-grabbing on its own, but most notable are the fraying tassels, subtle ruffles, puffer-like insulation and fur lining that BESFXXK weave through their pieces. Bursts of colour peek through much tamer blacks and beiges, and if that wasn’t enough, putting an end to the show is a skin-tone bodysuit outlined by glitter and sparkle.

On the other end of the same spectrum, SEOKWOON YOON’s “Claustrophobia” collection had a much brighter and cleaner runway set to highlight its avant-garde direction. True to its name, the collection attempts to break free from the claustrophobic separation of homme and femme in fashion. Full-face zips are not exactly new, and the label reimagines this binary in transparent and opaque. Models walked out in long, draping trousers, and flowing outlines and patches of darker shades against the white runway communicate the polished-yet-radical direction of Yoon’s creative sensibilities.

This year’s iteration of the iconic Seoul Fashion Week has been more internationally-influenced as much as it is globally-inspired. Featuring the cream of the crop in both high-end fashion and street styles, South Korean labels highlight an ability to make the best of both worlds, and Casper & Casper are eager to see more from these labels in the coming season and in the next year.

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