Squeezing Juice Into Your Life

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Voila – the festive season is over! We made it through the holiday havoc, and the routine is slowly starting to settle in. The Christmas lights have been packed away, the leftovers are no more, and calories are going to mean something again (no more holiday diets).

Getting back to those healthy habits we may have started in 2018 – or introducing the ones we promised ourselves for 2019 – might seem daunting, particularly when the local supermarket is already brimming with Easter eggs and hot cross buns!

But before we go into wild detox panic and start raiding the internet for the latest diets, juice fasts and keto resets, let’s take a chill pill (the only pill we need), and start 2019 with a little bit of introspection: a few deep breaths, and some healthy tips on how to incorporate the joys of juicing into your life, brought to you by Casper & Casper.

Whether you’re thinking about starting a simple cold-pressed organic juice detox, or dramatically committing to a hardcore 5-day cleanse, consider these important factors:

•      Is it suitable for you and your health at this current time?

•      Do you need to seek medical advice from your GP to make sure your body can cope with food restrictions?

•      Since juice cleanses are only short-term, are you better off committing to a more sustainable, long-term healthy diet?

The Easier Way

Squeezing juice into your life doesn’t have to be hard! Think about when you have the most time during the day, and try blending in an organic cold-pressed juice or green smoothie. If you’re a busy bee and working 9-5, breakfast seems most suitable. If you’re heading to the gym, a juice works great for a post-workout drink. It’s all about what works for you.



Just one juice can give you the hit of nutrition your body might be craving throughout the day. This can make your skin brighter and can help clear your head, preparing you for the rest of the day and even the week ahead. For example, drinking green juice has multiple benefits that include being a source of energy and improving your digestion.

There’s no need for a multi-day juice cleanse. In fact, we wouldn’t suggest any longer than a day on liquids. One day (at the most) is often enough to give your digestive system a break after overindulging on foods. In the long term, going back to whole foods and clean proteins is easier and more beneficial than a multi-day juice cleanse.

Keep it light, clean and lean and you’ll find that this hit of nutrition will help reset those sugar cravings. More importantly, if you introduce a juice a day, you’ll have more energy, daily functioning will improve, and your body will feel full of vitality.

Healthy hints for your long-term diet

•      Increase your daily water intake.

•      Swap coffee for herbal tea.

•      Add protein powder or chia seeds to your smoothie or green juice.

•      Go outside! Sunshine does wonders.

•      Add a bit of pineapple to your diet. Pineapples are filled with digestions enzymes and can help break down foods.

For more hints on how to incorporate health foods into your home, see our 90/10 Rule article on the Casper & Casper blog.

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