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It’s common to head down to the local pub or bar after work for a nice cold artesian lager on tap, and the growing number of local boutique beers on tap is becoming a popular mid-week tasting session. It comes as no surprise for the viable trend to hit the wine industry, and by trend, I mean boutique wine on tap. Yes, you read that right: beautifully-crafted wine, locally- and internationally-sourced, served on tap!

TAP. is an Australian company creating a disruption in the wine industry by using reusable stainless-steel wine cylinders and distinctive ceramic towers to serve gorgeous, uncompromised wines from taps. There are no compromises in wine quality and it’s a simpler system to implement. The first of its kind in Australia, the TAP. system preserves the full flavours and freshness of handpicked ranges – from some of the most premier wine growing regions in Australia and overseas – to consistently pour flawless wine with no risk of spoilage, oxidation or cork taint.

Ladro Prahran

Ladro Prahran


This is something the Casper team can attest to after having tried some of the TAP. Wines at Ladro TAP in Prahran. We had the pleasure of taste-testing their prosecco, whites, rosés and reds, and it’s safe to say that you really don’t lose any of the taste, texture and depth of the wine.

It’s not just all about the wine

There is a growing crisis when it comes to the disposal of glass bottles. According to Cleanaway, glass takes the longest time to decompose in landfills compared to other materials, taking around 1 million years to fully decompose. Additionally, TAP. indicates that there are an estimated 150,717 bottles in landfills, and that number is constantly multiplying.

TAP. Wine is on a mission to take an active role against the accumulation of glass bottles in landfills. Applying that same concept of boutique beers on tap to the wine industry is a fitting move from a forward-thinking and environmentally-conscious company. It’s a different system of wine delivery to retailers and, subsequently, a distinct way of storage and pouring of wine. 

TAP. reduces the waste and encourages reusability because the cylinders have a lifespan of 30 years, eliminating traditional wine bottle packaging to deliver a new cost-effective and environmentally-friendly approach to wine service. The cylinders also preserve the taste of the wine from the moment they are made to the moment they are enjoyed, from the winemaker to the wine-taster.

Ladro Prahran

Ladro Prahran

Ladro Prahran

Ladro Prahran


Double-take and double-sip 

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or someone who enjoys wine on a Friday afternoon, there’s no denying that TAP. keeps your drink as fresh and crisp as you deserve it to be. For businesses who are looking to eliminate the hassle of glass bottles and swap it out for something that’s much more sustainable, both economically and environmentally.

Check out where you can drink TAP., and learn more about what they do through the TAP. website. Raise a glass to us!

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