Cruelty-Free is the new black

Feature by Jyqa Patano & Nyanhial Yang



The history of high fashion is entwined with the popularisation of items such as furs and leathers, and moving into the future, it is amazing to see a growing movement that distances itself from using animal-sourced material.

As we previously discussed here at Casper & Casper in an ethical fashion article, the world of fashion is changing at a rapid pace, and one of the trends of the modern fashion industry is foregoing products that involve animal cruelty. With the growing global vegan movement and our increasing awareness of our responsibility to the environment, it’s no surprise that the fashion industry is also moving towards an animal cruelty-free Vegan Fashion Week – the first of its kind. 

Created by the founder of le French Lab, French animal advocate and activist Emanuelle Rienda, the event will run for four days from February 1 to 4 and will even offer a vegan lounge for its guests offering cruelty-free fashion, beauty, food and other innovative alternatives. 

Maria, our founder, is personally very excited about this, saying that she is thrilled to see another conscious fashion event. “Helsinki Fashion Week paved the way towards sustainability, and now LA is joining the eco movement in fashion by putting animals first! I'm very excited at some of the up-and-coming fashion designers and the use of alternative fabrics and textiles to leather and fur. Hopefully, London, Paris and Milan will join this growing passion for fashion in hosting more vegan-friendly and vegan-oriented fashion events.” 

And who wouldn’t be excited by this fashion- and eco-forward movement? It seems inevitable that the fashion industry will catch up to the beauty industry in making eco-friendly, cruelty-free and socially responsible choices that are both visually-appealing and awe-inspiring.

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Feature by Jyqa Patano @jypotates & Nyanhial Yang @yangnyanhial
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