LOVE Card Series 2019

LOVE Card Series 2019


Sara Sidari x Casper & Casper

In celebration of Valentine's day 2019, Casper & Casper has partnered with illustrator Sara Sidari and co-created our first love collection gift cards.

The collection was inspired by Melbourne's evolving cultural diversity and on how love has changed and progressed throughout the years. We wanted to capture and celebrate this through four beautifully-illustrated cards.

Sara is amazing at understanding what we wanted to achieve. The brief was simple yet precise, relatable and uncomplicated, elegant and Melbourne-cool. She helped capture the essence of love that inspires Casper & Casper on this romantic day, and every day after: for weddings, engagements, anniversaries, or any kind of I-Love-You day.

All proceeds go to one of our favourite charities, Youth off The Streets. Humans helping humans is another kind of love, too.

The cards are $5 excluding postage + handling.

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